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Fire Damage

Mitigate further damage

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Fire Damage Restoration Service

• Clean and protect trim, walls, fixtures and hardware 
• Clean and protect structure and contents 
• Clean and protect flooring and upholstery 
• Pack-out inventory and move off-site for cleaning and temporary storage

• Clean and restore HVAC system 
• Restore affected area to pre-loss condition
• Replace flooring, drywall and baseboard
• Paint new ceilings, walls and baseboards to match

​For 24 hour emergency response to fire and other disaster damage to your home, please call

Assess the situation

Our technicians are trained to clean: soot damage from a furnace puff back, smoke damage, odor removal from burned structures, remove charred wood, evaluate damage to framing, and treat odor with appropriate biocide.

Not every house fire can be prevented, but the pain from the loss as well as the finan­cial burden for all parties can be lessened by a quick response and ABC restora­tion. And above all else, ABC Cleaning Restoration & Home Improvement guarantees a high level of quality work. 

Below are a few pictures of our recent Fire Damage job sites:

• Respond quickly and professionally 
• Process a loss evaluation and assessment within hours 
• Document all damage and losses